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 Previously published Health and Fitness Tips from Miss Taps La Roo

How much physical activity do children need
Modern living and exercise
Active Preschool Children
Choose water as a drink
Middle age spread
Physical activity and diabetes
Walking for good health
Living well to avoid childhood obesity
Children and backpain
Being active is good for kids
How teens can stay fit
Basic Barre Exercises
Getting teenage girles active
Fitness may boost kids grades
For kids, all activities may not be equal
Keeping Kids Active
Body Image - tips for parents
Too much of a good thing
Well Balanced Exercise
Exercise feeling good
Motivating kids to be active
Exercise is wise
Strength training and your child
Exercise and Children
Simple Snack Ideas
Nutrition Facts
Improve your balance
Back Pain -Children
Healthy Eating Behaviours
Exercise - check your pulse
Encouraging kids to be active
Children - getting them active
Walking Tips
I'm Bored
Body image - tips for parents
Active Kids
Activities for younger children
Managing your feelings
Teenage Girls - getting them more active
Kids and Exercise
Iron Deficiency - Children
Healthy Eating
Food and Sport
Sources of Calcium
How to help children eat better
Importance of Exercise
How Dancing can make you feel like you
Daily Health Tasks
Fruits and Veggies - For those of us on the go
Family Fitness and Fun
Dance Tips - Stretching
The Right Diet - Tap into it
Five Common Myths About Exercise
Making Exercise Part of your Schedule
Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Leg Raises

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